Supporting young singers with concerts, auditioning workshops and singing competitionss since 2006


The Ottoedelmannsociety was founded in 2006. Its goal is to uphold the memory of the great Viennese singer KS Otto Edelmann and to continue the support of young singers just as Otto Edelmann himself had done after his active career in singing. So far, many young singers at the start of their careers have been given the chance to perform in some of the over 30 concerts held by the Ottoedelmannsociety, giving them not only a chance to introduce themselves to an audience, but also to work beside well-known professional singers. Furthermore, the Ottoedelmannsociety hosts discussion rounds on current topics of the music industry. The highlight of the OES is the annual International Otto Edelmann Singing Competition which is organized in collaboration with the University of Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) and where the organization has the honor of presenting its very own Audience’s Choice award.