Formed in 2018 and named after the traditional Russian associations of workers, craftsmen or artisans working collectively with equal rights, the Artel Quartet reunites four young musicians from widely different backgrounds. Performing in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, the Artel quartet aims to promote a cultural dialogue between East and West. Studying in Vienna with professor Johannes Meissl and assistant Vida Vujic, the Artel quartet also works with musicians such as Eberhard Feltz, Alastair Tait, Isabelle Charisius, Tim Vogler, Volker Jacobsen, Konstantin Heidrich, Wolfgang Redik, Thomas Selditz.. Beside it’s classical répertoire, the Artel quartet also works on theatrical performances, expending the string quartet possibilities and bringing new experiences to the audience. Since 2019 the Artel Quartet is a member of ProQuartet.